Jason Rodrigues

Crypto Reading List

These are the list of resources I keep up-to-date. Please feel free to bookmark and revisit.

All information is to learn about crypto is free and open:

  1. Mastering Bitcoin Book
  2. Mastering Ethereum Book
  3. A16Z Crypto Startup School
  4. Dan Romero's Crypto Reading List
  5. CryptoZombies - to learn Solidity
  6. Resources from a16z for Understanding Crypto

Learn more about the bread and butter in crypto through the following:

  1. https://btc.com/- block explorer for BTC
  2. https://etherscan.io/ - block explorer for ETH
  3. http://defipulse.com - DeFi stats
  4. https://cryptofees.info/ - protocol fees
  5. http://open-orgs.info - DAO list
  6. https://coinmarketcap.com/

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