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Contributing to Booming Brands Book

Harsh has been one of my closest friends and has influenced me in a number of ways. He is an exceptional marketer and has a deep nuanced understanding of brands. My relationship with Harsh goes way back to when we met at the TED Anchor Program in Infosys Mysore in 2016. I instantly knew that I wanted to work with him after a drawn out conversation where he explained to me the power of a personal brand. He used vivid imagery and association that crystallized a form of thinking and sticks with me to date.

Harsh has a powerful way of remaining sticky with the people he meets. He either gives them one of his handcrafted calendars (which I keep close to me to date), or by means of giving a poster. It's exemplary the level of close friendship this cleares. Here is a photo of him with the Chairman of Infosys and the book he gifted him.

Harsh with Narayana Murthy from Infosys

When Harsh told me that he was writing a book about this, I was thrilled and jumped straight into what I could do.

Numerous sleepless nights, a lot of writing, flying across cities to interview founders of these booming brands - Harsh did it all. I am energized by the prospect of being able to contribute to Harsh's journey. I was glad to be with him and contribute to certain chapters in the book, alongside debating the name of the book and the proofreading other chapters that his publishers would then go on to dissect.

Today I am excited to see Harsh's first book, something I am proud to contribute to, Booming Brands go on shelves. Absolutely thrilled to see my name as part of the acknowledgements.

Acknowledgements in Booming Brands

I recommend picking up a copy - you will love it!

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