Jason Rodrigues

Advice 101

Good advice is surprising.

Most people already know the advice they are about to receive.

They know what advice they might give a friend or family member in a similar situation. They know they received this advice the last time they shared.

To the person giving advice, it may be a way of showing that they care.

Most times people that come to you with a situation don’t need advice.

If advice were easy to actualize, nobody would need it. Humans are not simple, or entirely rational.

Actualization of advice is a personal process.

It might involve a series of steps. Here are a few and they’re non-exhaustive: true realization of one’s own truth, envisioning the better future, planning small, executing simple.

There is no shortage of bad advice. Advice that is untimely and uncalled for is bad advice.

Most times people confuse the ask for a quick listen with a request for advice.

Ask for consent before shifting from listening to advising.

Thanks Fiona for reading drafts of this.

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